How to Get Rid of Pests

Insects are part of the wildlife but we rarely want them in our home. Even so, insects like ants, mosquitoes, and cockroaches end up invading our houses. To shoo them away, we normally start by using an insect spray. A lot of households rely too much on these chemicals even if they create a detrimental effect on the ecosystem and our own health.

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But then again, not all of the insects that we see are pests. Many of them have useful roles such as pollinate plants, recycle rubbish, feed wildlife, and eliminate other pests. You may not realize it, but insects play a vital role in the ecosystem, too.

Chemical-Based Pesticides

There are many reasons why people should refrain from using chemical-based pesticides. It’s a fact that some insects are slowly getting extinct. This is caused by a lot of things, such as loss of their natural habitat, climate change, and the use of chemicals.

People need to find a better way to eliminate insects and pests without harming the ecosystem. Research is constantly being conducted to discover some organic way to cast away pests without causing harm to them or the environment.

Natural versus Chemical Pesticides

Insect sprays became popular in the 1950s, which is when they’re introduced. Since then, it is the most preferred way to eradicate cockroaches, mosquitos, flies, ants, and moths. Insect sprays were highly effective in the past because people don’t understand its unintended consequences just yet.

After several years, the same pests that were eliminated by the chemicals became more resistant to the chemicals. That’s why disease outbreaks in different parts of the globe became a common thing. That further proved that the insecticides that were effective before are no longer applicable to the present times. It’s also why research is leaning towards natural or organic pesticides instead.

The Problem with Chemicals

Another problem associated with the use of chemical-based insecticides is the fact that affects not just pests but also other species, including human. Such species become the collateral damage while pests, on the other hand, develop certain immunity to these chemicals. Worse, they reproduce faster than ever before.

Here is where the alternative to chemical pesticides comes in. Organic insecticides won’t harm your family and environment in the same way as the chemical-based insecticides do. Organic pesticides are actually more preferred by farmers who support sustainable agriculture.

Integrated Pest Management

One of the newer methods of pest control is called integrated pest management. It’s a sustainable pest control approach that focuses on preventing insects from invading your home rather than eliminating or treating them. As such, it uses environmentally friendly methods like biological control.

If you want to know more about the sustainable and organic ways of controlling pests, it is strongly advised that you consult with some of the best pest control companies Wesley Chapel has. The experts should be able to educate you about these methods, which are now referred to as the best way of eliminating pests. You can use them for your home as well.